Midterm JRN 101

IMPERIAL, Calif.- After playing 24 years of professional baseball for nine different teams and 13 major organizations and being a 2008 World Series Champion for the Philadelphia Phillies, Imperial Valley native Rudy Seanez has remained residing in the valley.

“I’ve always lived here. This is home. I grew up in Brawley. My family is here, so that was factor number one,” said Seanez.

Upon returning to the valley after his retirement, Seanez had a mission to expose baseball players to an official “spring training” baseball environment facility by helping them condition and improve their skills. He also had the idea to bring an overall fitness facility to the valley’s athletes and residents of all ages to work out at.

“When I retired I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay home and do nothing,” said Seanez. So Seanez thought if he had a sports academy, a gym, it would provide the optimal idea.

“I love to work out and being part of baseball for that long a time, it’s only natural that I would combine the two. So that’s what I did,” said Seanez.

The academy provides the best of both worlds for Seanez since he’s continuing to do both things he loves – working out and coaching.



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